Truck Paradise

After having issues with the fuel systems, took my Shelby to Ken and the men at Truck paradise. No hesitation, motor screams now instead of gasping for the correct combination of fuel and air. Thanks once again gentlemen. There is no one else I would trust.

— Kevin Bracher

As you know I am just a "little" bit picky about who works on my vehicle, actually I am probably the pickiest person you would ever come across. Over the years I have fired many auto shops and dealerships for what I call "deficiencies in attention to detail" I have a very high standard of expectations and standards as it relates to my vehicles.

Ken, Eric, Jeff, Chris and the rest of your staff have been nothing short of outstanding. Over the last two years you have worked on my Harley Davidson F-250 Super Duty and transformed it from what was already a very nice truck to just breath taking, from the exterior modifications to the increased power gains, everything was done in good taste and professionally installed all the way down to the positioning of a simple hose clamp. For anyone reading this I would like to share a quick example of what type of service truck paradise provided me.

About 2 weeks after my truck was tuned by them and extensive exhaust work along with some motor updates I found myself broke down in my driveway needless to say I was very upset thinking I just spent a lot of money and now my trucks broken and I was expecting to get the typical run around," it’s not our fault" excuses I have heard over the years in dealings with other dealerships. I called at 5:30 pm knowing that they close at 6:00pm I was hoping if I had it towed to their shop they could work on it the next day. To my surprise Eric asked me for my address and proceeded to drive to my house after work the same day! As it turned out it wasn’t anything they had done, it was a faulty trailer brake control. Eric quickly bypassed it and had me up and running, he then ordered me a trailer brake control the following Monday and installed it at no charge. (I did pay for the part)

Within the last year I purchased a Nissan GTR, I have used Solar Shade for everything from a new exhaust, injectors, custom tuning, side skirts, powder coated wheels and window tinting. Everything has always been done perfectly! Ken was not happy with how my wheels turned out from the Powder coater and insisted they be redone. I thought they looked ok but Ken wouldn’t accept it so they were redone at the powder coater’s expense. I never have to worry when they have my vehicles they have shown they only do things one way and no exceptions will be made.

I recommend Solar Shade Truck & Car Paradise to anyone who is passionate about their vehicles and wants only the best service around. I can also tell you if you’re looking for the cheapest guys in town you may want to look elsewhere I’m sure there are a lot of other shops that meet that requirement. But remember you get what you pay for!

Ken if I could offer some advice to you "your staffs level of customer service has put you where you are today, please don’t let your success change your model that has worked thus far"

I wish you nothing but the best and hope to see you in a few weeks for some additional upgrades to my car.

— Doug Washburn

I walked into the store knowing nothing about a trike.I am 62 years old and had never been on a bike. Could not have picked a better place. These guys are true craftsmen and total professionals. It starts at the top with owner Ken Steele who literally has taken me under his wing and answered every question and has gone the extra mile to insure that I get into this in the safest  way possible.
My trike will be on display this winter in the showroom, please come and see it and get a glimpse of what these guys can do for you. I just love this thing!!                                                                                 A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER 

— Steve Fewell

  "I wanted to take my new Challenger to a place I could trust to take car of my car, of course I took it to Solar Shade Truck Paradise.  They have handled all the modifications on all of my vehicles with professionalism since 1978.

  As though a Challenger SRT8 doesn't already perform great, it needed more, more power, better handling, and looks to set it apart.  After a lot of research I decided on Techco for the supercharger and suspension, Corsa for the exhaust, Kooks for the headers, and Forgeline for the wheels.  As soon as all the parts showed up I dropped the car off with the guys at Solar Shade for installation.  While they had my car Eric welcomed me to check his progress every time I stopped by,  or called to give me updates if I couldn't make it in.  After he was done with the installation and careful tuning we went out for the first test drive.  The car had been totally transformed.

  It performed flawlessly for over a year until it went to the dealer for a routine recall.  Against my request the dealership reflashed my computer and deleted all the tuning to make it run properly with a supercharger.  I immediately called Eric at Solar Shade.  After all the work he did on it who would know the car better?  He told me not to start it and definitely don't try to drive it and he was there within minutes to try to fix it in their parking lot.  When we realized the repairs could not be done on the spot, the owner Ken showed up with an enclosed trailer to get it back to their shop.  Unfortunately Techco had gone out of business and they wrote the base program that Eric used to tune it.  Eric did a lot of digging and research and came up with the contact info for the person from Techco they needed.  He spent several hours after work talking with the former programmer to get my Challenger back on the road.  4 days, 16 spark plugs, and a new program later...she's back.

They really stepped up.  Without them who knows when or if I would have gotten my car running again.

Thanks guys.

— Rosco Cox

"I bought a 2005 silver gl1800 with intentions of having it triked. After research of other trike companys, I chose Hannigan Trike and Ken Steele & the boys at Paradise Bikes, Trikes and Trailers to build it. They did an awesome job! They also fully customized it with 17 inch rear wheels, a chrome front wheel, polished front rotors, 3 sets of purple boogie lights, and chrome valve covers. Too much more to list! You'll have to check out the pictures in the gallery. Ken and the boys are awesome! I highly recommend them for anything that you would choose to have done. Thank you very much for every thing.

— Joel Lehmkul

  "I wanted to have a better suspension installed on my 2007 Honda GL1800 Goldwing. I did some research and found that Traxxion Suspension was the best, and contacted them. Paradise Bikes & Trikes was a local dealer so I stopped in to see the shop. I talked with Ken and the boys about doing a complete front and rear suspension kit with All Balls Racing bearings. We ordered the parts, and when they received them, they called to let me know they came in. I dropped the bike off and three days later they called to let me know it was finished. I noticed they even detailed the bike! I took it out for a ride and the bike rode and handled like a new bike! The service these guys provide is unbelievable.

  So I rode it for the rest of the year and come spring I decided to trike it. So I went back to Paradise Bikes & Trikes because they are an authorized Hannigan Trike Dealer and a certified installer. So again, I dropped the bike off, and about week later they called me to let me know it was finished. Wow it was beautiful! It ride’s amazing, looks even better, and Ken and the guys at Paradise Bikes & Trikes did a great job. Their quality and customer service is impeccable."

— Bruce

Hi guys!

I like the new site.  Clean, Professional, Informative.
I thought I’d drop a line to include a testimonial after all the work you’ve done on my F250.
My first experience with Truck Paradise was in the fall of 2013.  I had just recently purchased my 08 F250 Super Duty.  Having done my research prior to the purchase I knew i wanted to do a few things to make the truck “bullet proof”.  This first experience was fantastic yet brief; an aftermarket exhaust install.
My second experience came shortly later when during some routine maintenance I did something to cause a significant amount of air to enter the fuel system.  Thus truckie no startie!  Ken’s team Eric, Kyle, Ron et al had done such a great job on the first gig, I knew I wanted them to dig into this problem for me.  I had the truck delivered to them and I took the opportunity to have them do some more significant work again with the goal to make the truck more “bullet proof”.
Without going into the details, I have to say the team was great at communicating the status of all the changes and discussing the options I had for what I wanted to accomplish.  After a lot of knuckle busting they managed to put all the shiny pieces back together and we took a test drive.  I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased.  As Kyle likes to say “smiles for miles”.
Thanks guys for all the great help and work.  

— Greg Hass

This company is great! The quality was excellent and Ken took great care of us. They even called us the day before to remind us of our appointment! 

— Kelly