Auto Tint

Window tinting offers valuable protection against the unexpected! 

About Window Tinting

Automotive window tint enhances vehicle appearance, reduces heat and glare to provide a more comfortable interior. Look cool, and feel even cooler, with custom tinted windows featuring superior-quality window film.

Why Choose Formula One Select Pro?

  • This film carries a lifetime color stable warranty, and the film contains no red dye that will bleach out over the years. That's why we can stand behind it for the life of the vehicle. 
  • With being a Formula One Select Pro window film customer you get a one time No Fault warranty. This means if you destroy a panel of film or have it busted out we will replace the film one time FREE of charge. You also have the option of buying a second no fault warranty for half price. 
  • Lastly weather permitting we wash and vacuum your vehicle free of charge($25.00 value). This is us saying thank you for choosing to do business with Solar Shade Truck and Car Paradise. Treating our customers like gold since 1979!