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Stratos™ Series

Introducing STRATOS™ SERIES window tint with Hybrid-Matrix™ technology for your most discerning customers.

What's New?

LLumar® SelectPro™ dealers now have exclusivity to a top-of-the-line FormulaOne by LLumar® product – Stratos Series window tint. This series utilizes our most advanced non-metal Hybrid-Matrix™ nano-ceramic technology for maximum heat rejection without signal interference. Designed to compete with the top performing films on the market, Stratos is the best FormulaOne tint available
for the car enthusiasts who seek to experience superior driving comfort and the luxury of privacy in their cars.

  • Highest Heat Rejection in a non-metal film for superior comfort
  • No Signal Interference advanced technology for the connected car
  • Enhanced Style and Privacy for your most discerning customers
  • Superior Installation with fast shrinking properties and no risk of cracking

How Does The Hybrid-Matrix Technology Work?

  • Billions of heat-absorbing nanoscopic particles are layered in our innovative micro-thin film to trap infrared heat and disperse it outward through glass
  • The nano-ceramic particles do not interfere with electromagnetic wavelengths and therefore won’t interfere with electronics
  • Placed side by side 2,000 of these nanoparticles are as wide as a human hair

How Does It Compare?

STRATOS Infrared heat is absorbed and dispersed outward by multiple layers of nanoscopic particles. REJECTS UP TO 63% OF HEAT 

Benefits     Pinnacle     Stratos

  Ceramic nanoparticles

  Ceramic nanoparticles with
Hybrid-Matrix™ technology
Construction   1.5mil single layer of nanoparticles   2mil multiple layers of nanoparticles
Installation   Excellent   Superior
Solar Heat Rejection   Up to 60%*   Up to 63%*
UV Protection**   >99%   >99%
Signal Interference   None   None
Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty   Transferable Lifetime   Transferable Lifetime

* 15% VLT comparison


Performance Specifications 

Data captured using NFRC guidelines and calculated for single pane, ¼” clear glass. Reported values are taken from representative product samples and are subject to normal manufacturing variances. Actual performance will vary based on a number factors, including glass type and properties.

      % Visible Light
    % Total Solar
Energy Reduction
    % UV
    % Glare
    % Visible Light
STRATOS 15   17   63   >99   80   5
STRATOS 30   32   59   >99   63   6
STRATOS 35   39   58   >99   56   6
STRATOS 40   43   57   >99   52   6
STRATOS 50   56   54   >99   37   7
STRATOS 70   69   49   >99   21   8