Llumar Window Film Saves Energy & Furniture

Posted on: March 20, 2018
Llumar window film Waynesville, Ohio

Llumar window film saves energy and furniture

Almost everyone loves natural light in their homes, but with that light comes undesirable heat and UV rays.

Drapes and window coverings can look dated and gather dust and dirt - which can be terrible for people that suffer from allergies and respiratory disorders. While those options block heat and light (as well as provide privacy), there’s an even better alternative - Llumar window film.

Llumar window film can block UV rays and heat from entering your home. It works just like tint for your car. Like car window tint, there are even a few options for how dark or light you can get your film.

Llumar window film blocks 99.9% of the UV rays that are harmful to our skin and furniture. This ensures that the couch and carpet/flooring you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on inside of your home will be protected from fading. Llumar window film also rejects up to 57% of solar energy - meaning the rooms in your home will stay cooler in the summer. This means you’ll also save on your energy bills!

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