What can you achieve with LLumar Decorative Film?

Posted on: April 5, 2018

What can you achieve with LLumar Decorative Film?

Llumar is your palette

You spend your days creating form and function out of material and space. Using texture, color, and pattern, you design custom solution that create unique environments. Add a new dimension to your design with LLumar decorative film.

Available in a variety of hues and patterns, LLumar decorative film gives you unlimited options for bringing light and space to life. Apply color, texture, or opacity to virtually any glass surface. Add the elegant look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Create a custom space without the mess and disruption of remodeling.

Trust LLumar

LLumar films have been enhancing some of the world’s most prominent buildings for decades. Unprecedented design flexibility backed by world-class support and quality assurance makes LLumar the film of choice for architects and designers.

LLumar decorative film is professionally installed by a global network of authorized dealers. While installation is fast, with minimal disruption to tenants or contractors, the film is extremely durable. Quality adhesives and scratch resistant coatings ensure a long-lasting finish that is back by our warranty.

Ready to jazz up your living or business space with LLumar decorative film? Contact the experts at Solar Shade Truck & Car Paradise to schedule a consultation to have one of our professional installers bring elegance to your space.