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Paint Protection Film

There is a reason this is on the market. It is to protect you and your investment. With today's technology it can actually self heal in the right conditions. If you have never had the experience of seeing clear bra when it is taken off, you don't know what you are missing out on.

Here are just a few reasons to get the paint protection film:

  1. Prevents chipping the paint
  2. Prevents the inevitable rusting of the metal due to the chips
  3. Prevents from initial chemical reactions that eat at the paint
  4. Easily replaceable clear bra when the first one gets beat up
  5. Increases resale value by keeping paint like new

Here are a couple things to look for when choosing the clear bra and the installer.

  1. Shop for a top name brand like Llumar that comes with a lifetime warranty
  2. Find a respected installer who knows what they’re doing (call the clear bra headquarters for a recommended installer in your area)
  3. Decide how much of your car you want to cover: front and rear bumpers, wheel wells, side mirrors, rocker panels, a variety amount of the hood…etc.

Everything else aside here are a few things that could go wrong if you are trying to do it cheap:

  1. Saving money without a top name brand – Prepare for yellowing of the clear bra and peeling around the edges
  2. Don’t pick the right installer – Expect air bubbles, uneven cuts, and lack of coverage in certain spots of the car.